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Entrepreneurial Leadership is Alive and Well 

As the only faculty judges at the annual GSEA EO competition, we enjoy getting to know the students who compete. This year, we were glad to these three make it into the final round: Mandeep, Brian and Sarah...

Spotlight on Sarah Pomeranz -Next Gen HQ

I am lucky enough to be one of the co-founders of Sulis, a social venture whose mission is to provide affordable and sustainable solar-powered water sanitation solutions to communities without access to clean water...

Curiosity, Knowledge, and Purpose in Action

Ask any Honors College upperclassman if they know Sarah Pomeranz, and you are bound to be greeted in return by a knowing smile and nod. Deeply committed to the HC tenets of curiosity, knowledge, and purpose, Sarah's impact at Rutgers extends well beyond the Honors College community...

Gifters Podcast

Episode 340: Sarah Pomeranz

The highest level of leadership is service leadership. Giving back is the backbone of economic development while collaboration with people, leaders, and experts, creates the greatest impact on innovation...

Women in Business Student Founder Panel

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have shifted this in-person panel to a newsletter format for all of our WIB members to enjoy. Hear from Sarah Pomeranz and Ria Soni about their entrepreneurship journies...

The Business of


DRC '20

Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the global population and is projected to rise. To tackle this pressing issue, Sarah spent her summer using her business expertise to help develop an innovative solution... 

A Business Student  Entrepreneur 

Sarah Pomeranz is majoring in Leadership & Management with a concentration in entrepreneurship and a minor in social justice. Her academic interests and entrepreneurial drive led her to co-found Sulis, a start-up addressing clean water scarcity with their innovative water sterilization technology... 

HCStudents Win Regional Hult Prize Competition

The Hult Prize has been called “The Nobel Prize for Students.” Last year, Rutgers' own Roshni Rides won the $1 million global Hult Prize! This year's Hult Prize at Rutgers competition was won by Sulis—Honors College students Yuki Osumi, Sarah Pomeranz, and Anurag Modak, with Ari Mendelow.

Building a Business While In College

Getting a degree and graduating for some students is a feat in itself. Well imagine doing that plus building a business as well. Join host TJ Pingitore as he interviews Sarah Pomeranz and Ari Mendelow who tell their story, tips, vision, and what it takes today for you to do the same to be a student success.

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